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New member contact:

Patricia Stretton at:

Membership fee is $20.00.

Membership entitles you to:

-invitation to the Newcomers Dinner Meetings

-name tag

-participation in Newcomer activities

-monthly newsletter

Saskatoon Newcomers

Saskatoon Newcomers Activities

Coffee Group meets every Friday morning at 10:00.

Book Club meets every 3rd Monday of the month at a member's home.


Saskatoon Newcomers Club

Inviting YOU...

If you're new to Saskatoon or you've had a recent major-life change (retirement, empty nest, etc.) you may want an opportunity to start meeting other women in the city.

If you do, then Newcomers is for you. We meet to make new friends, to exchange ideas, or to get involved in fun activities, and we do all this while getting to know this incredibly awesome city.

Saskatoon Newcomers Club