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Inviting YOU...

The Saskatoon Newcomers Club is a social club for women.  We invite others to join us as we participate in a wide range of activities, sharing experiences, and having fun together.

Our membership is comprised of women who are newly relocated to Saskatoon, or who have experienced a significant lifestyle change within the past 3 years.  We meet regularly to make new friends, exchange ideas, and get involved in fun activities, all while getting to know this incredibly awesome city.

Please note: we are not an organization with extended resources to help new Immigrants and Refugees get settled - however we do welcome all women who are interested in our club!

(For anyone looking for immigrant and refugee resources specifically, please see

New member contact:

Email us!




Membership fee is $20.00 


Membership entitles you to:


* Email reminders of dinner meetings and other events

*Participation in Newcomer activities

*Monthly newsletter

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